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Drug May Delay Premature Ejaculation

This increased to about 25 percent of men and partners in the placebo group but to about 39 percent in the low-dose group and about 47 percent in the high-dose group.

By Daniel J. But the "it's all in the brain" theory got much better support. Less than 1 percent of men in the placebo group stopped treatment due to side effects.

Pryor's team also asked the men and their partners about their sexual satisfaction. After placebo treatment, a surprising 26.4 percent of men reported fair control. There's some support for the "it's all in the mind" crowd because just taking an inactive placebo pill upped the men's time to 1.75 minutes. Men taking dapoxetine increased their time to 2.78 minutes for low-dose dapoxetine (30 milligrams) and to 3.32 minutes for the higher dose (60 milligrams).

Pryor reported the findings at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association in San Antonio. Even so, more men reported fair-or-better control after taking …

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